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PCT Hikers:

We are permanently closed.

Please contact us for more information, or if you just want our new address to send us that postcard you promised!

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Fire Impacts

PCT Closures

Currently the trail is closed south of us between miles 151.9 (Paradise Valley Cafe/) and 179.39 (Devil’s Staircase to Idyllwild) due to the 2013 Mountain Fire

It is also closed north of us between mile 236.5 (a ~10 mile hike north once aside Mission Creek) and mile 252.14 (Onyx Summit) due to the 2015 Lake Fire.

That means that of 100 PCT miles, only 57 miles are hikeable.

We are still unsure what the detour will be through the Lake fire area in 2016. The PCTA is working on something. And we are working with the PCTA.

What does that mean?

Our home is at mile 210.8.

We are in the middle of this precarious zone that will be very tricky to “continuous footstep” thru-hike in 2016.

Although we welcomed hikers to pick up packages here, refill water bottles, have showers, wash up, resupply, charge electronics, siesta an afternoon, or even spend a night, we cannot and will not help arrange transportation or plan hikes.

Check the closure page at the PCTA website frequently for further news.

Please plan ahead.

Hike Planning

All hikers will need to arrange their own transportation in the Whitewater area.

We will not drive hikers anywhere in 2016. We know you will feel overwhelmed with logistics, but please do not ask us to drive, do not ask our visitors to drive, and do not ask our neighbors to drive.

You can use our free wifi to research your options. We have the phone number of a local taxi driver. We are ~6.5 miles from the nearest post office and ~8.5 miles from the nearest bus station. Some hikers do walk there.

We also strongly recommend that you do not attempt to hitchhike on the Interstate 10. That particular highway is extremely dangerous and we do not want hikers to raise the attention of our local trooper friends.

Big Bear City is ~75 miles away by car.

Remember: HYOH and LNT


  • Amtrak picks up in Cabazon in front of the Morongo Casino Hotel but probably won’t sell you a ticket unless you have a train connection. There are no train connections to Big Bear City.
  • Greyhound will pick you up in Banning and take you to San Bernardino for $12.
  • A taxi service will drive you to Cabazon, Banning, Palm Springs, or even Big Bear City. Share a cab with other hikers, wear your cleanest clothes and tip well so they remain willing to help future hikers.
  • For less than $16, you can bus from Cabazon to Big Bear City. This takes ~6 hours.
  • You could try Uber or Lyft. There are cars in Palm Springs, but as of Jan 2016 they don’t pick up at our house.
  • There are other trail angels in the area who may be giving rides. Facebook may help you find them. Make sure to pay their time & gas money so they remain willing to help future hikers.

In this map we have pinpointed our location, nearby Amtrak and Greyhound stops, and the trail closure areas. Click the red markers for place names:

Ziggy’s Rules

Because this is our home, and because we have over a thousand hikers visit each year the past few years, we need to have rules.

Ziggy’s rules are straight-forward and fair, and keep the environment safe & comfortable for everyone.

Ziggy’s rules should be easy to follow during your short stay, and should not stop you from having a great time!

  • No Alcohol
  • No Drugs
  • No Smoking
  • No Swearing
  • Pick Up After Yourself
  • Be Considerate of Others

Please wash your hands upon arriving and frequently thereafter.

Note: hikers do not enter inside the home unless invited.

Ziggys rules in 2013


There is a minimum $5.00 donation required for our handling each box, due when we hand it to you. Please carry some cash.

We can’t stay open unless we find a way to pay for the port-a-potties, and this helps. Our limited income can’t take another year of paying for the privilege of being trail angels. The box handling donation is one way for us to stay open and help every hiker who needs it.

We are able to ship boxes home or ahead on the trail. We charge current USPS rates and bring them to the post office for you.

Please send your boxes via USPS only (no Fedex or UPS) to:


Packing Tips

  • Write your last name in large letters on all 6 sides of your box.
  • Write your ETA on your box.
  • Write legibly, and include a return address.
  • Put something like colored tape on your box to make it easily identifiable.
  • Be careful and considerate shipping things that might explode in freight, such as jars of oil and packets of powder. We store your packages inside our house.
  • Usually hikers regret sending themselves too much stuff. Err on the light side. We have hiker boxes and offer typical hiker food and toiletry items for sale. In fact, you could easily buy complete meals from us to last you to Big Bear City (we sell ramen, bars, tortillas, tuna, oreos, candy bars, pop tarts, crackers, cheese, and more at near cost).
  • Keep in mind boxes sent via Priority Mail and unopened can be forwarded for free if you decide you don’t need them at the time.

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Happy Hiking!

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